All Pet Stop aims to provide the best quality pet products available in Australia today. We stock only the best quality brands of all our products, including Frontline, Eukanuba, Comfortis, Tetra and Kurgo.

      If you are looking for pet products in the Cairns area, be sure to stop by our Smithfield superstore to check out our range.


      The Kurgo range has long been favoured by pet owners who are on the go and it is easy to see why. From truck tethers and seat covers to harnesses and barriers - this range will ensure your dog is well protected when you are travelling. Man's best friend deserves the right protection and comfort in the car, truck or ute. Kurgo products include dog booster seats, auto grass for centre consoles, shoulder bags, dog beds, leashes and specialist dog coats.


      It's heartbreaking to see your favourite furry friend continually scratching and worse still sharing his fleas throughout your home. Frontline is the number one choice of veterinarians when it comes to treating fleas and ticks. It breaks the flea life cycle and kills ticks, keeping your cat or dog free from biting pests. Frontline comes in both tablet and spray form. The spray form has the advantage of being able to be used on puppies and kittens only days old.


      For a full month's protection, Comfortis is the first FDA-approved, chewable beef-flavoured tablet for cats and dogs. It works rapidly, killing fleas within 30 minutes and the taste will ensure your pet woofs it down. Comfortis provides full flea protection. Its advantage over sprays is that it can't be washed off and there is no need to isolate the pet from children. You can safely play with Fido or Felix immediately after you have given them the tablet.


      As the terrarium hobby has evolved over the years, Exo-Terra has been at the forefront in providing purpose-built homes for reptiles. Considered a market leader, they continue to innovate their products to suit the needs of their customers. Options include plastic or full-glass terrariums complete with metal screens for ventilation, lighting and heat systems suitable for small lizards and snakes as well as turtle terrariums, turtle feeders and other terrarium accessories.

      Blue Planet

      If you have fish, chances are you know Blue Planet already. They are a leading manufacturer of aquariums of all shapes and sizes, available for purchase from All Pet Stop. Each aquarium comes complete with a filter and water pump. Blue Planet also provides a range of lights for aquariums and tank-cleaning tools for the easy removal of algae on aquarium walls. We also sell ornamental bark tunnels and other tank items for small fish to have a safe hideaway.


      To keep your cat from clawing your furniture, carpet or clothes, you will want to invest in something from the HiJinx range. These brightly coloured toys come in a range of materials and are the perfect size for your kitty's little paws. Designed to keep your feline friend amused for hours, rather than climbing up your curtains or screens and damaging your home, they come in a combination of feathers, ropes, mice, balls and ribbons.


      Designed with the comfort of your pet in mind, CritterTrail has a range of cages available for your small animal. From your basic enclosure for carrying, through to an enclosure built for playing, CritterTrail caters for every need. CritterTrail allows for expansion of your pet's living space through inter-connectable environments, including nesting box, Loop-d-Loops and bubble plug lookout. The special tubing is designed to be safe for small paws.


      Known as the most durable pet toys on the market, Kong products are built to be chewed. The range comes in all shapes and textures, so you can be sure that your pet will never be bored again. Kong also produces a range of treats, which can also be used with their toys. In a case of hide-the-treat, Kong helps stimulate your pet's thought process as it strive to retrieve the treat by paw, by tongue, by chewing or any other way it can think of.


      Healthy and delicious, JerHigh products are made with real meat, prepared to the highest standards. JerHigh treats contain less than 10% fat and are made from only quality meat and no offcuts. JerHigh soft treats come in a range of styles including carrot, cheese and sausage, spinach, milk and variety packs. JerHigh also provides meat rolls and cuisine trays. All products are prepared to provide nutritional benefits for your dog's wellbeing.